The New Nature of Aquaculture

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  • AquaMaof appoints Mr. Eli Amar as its new CEO and Mr. David Hazut as its new Chairman of the Board

  • Full size Salmon RAS in low Salinity level – AQM experience and conclusions


We combine generations of aquaculture expertise, with the latest, most advanced RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) technology, to create industrial, safe and sustainable aquaculture solutions for the local production of fish and seafood.

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A Global Challenge

Our solution was created out of a desire to solve the following challenges:

  • Nutritious food for a growing population

    Nutritious food for a growing population

  • Increase in fish consumption

    Increase in fish consumption

  • A need for sustainable food production

    A need for sustainable food production

  • Depleting fish populations

    Depleting fish populations

A smart and sustainable platform for the land-based production of natural, healthy, and nutritious seafood


Proven. Robust. Scalable.

The AquaMaof integrated Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology offers maximum control, minimum maintenance and ultimate sustainability.