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AquaMaof’s integrated RAS technology has been installed at facilities around the world, supporting local communities, and ensuring that people everywhere have access to a fresh, healthy, sustainable supply of tasty fish.

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Salmon Production Facility

A new salmon production RAS facility is to be built in cooperation with Smøgenlax Aquaculture AB, as part of a circular economy industrial park, Renahav, in Kungshamn/Smögen on the West Coast of Sweden. The design stage is currently underway. In the first phase, which is currently being launched, AquaMaof will construct a 2000-ton capacity facility, from egg to harvest, with plans for capacity to be increased to 6000 tons in the future. The RAS salmon farming facility will contribute to a new sustainable ‘way of life’ that local industries are creating in partnership with each other. What used to be waste will become essential raw materials for new processes. The salmon RAS facility will benefit from sustainable energy created by Renahav and will tag into existing structures for organic sludge etc., resulting in sustainable fertilizer for the local farms.

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Yellowtail kingfish

Yellowtail Kingfish Production Facility

Atacama Yellowtail (AYT) RAS facility for production of 900 tons of Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) in Coquimbo Region in north Chile. Supporting the diversification efforts of the Chilean aquaculture industry, the project will offer a premium sashimi-grade fish, known in the Japanese market as Hiramasa. The project will be located in Tongoy Bay, with plans to double production in the second stage to reach 1,800 tons per year.

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