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A post from AquaMaof’s co founder and CEO at the opening ceremony of the Proximar facility in Japan

David Hazut | CEO


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This week we are marking an exciting major milestone at AquaMaof with the beginning of production at the Proximar facility in Japan.

Proximar (which is located near Fuji Mountain about 1.4 hrs drive from Tokyo) is a 5000 Tons annual capacity RAS facility in Japan which was designed by our team in AquaMaof and is deploying our proprietary technology. It is led by a stellar experienced team who’s vision was to bring sustainable, healthy, tasty fish which are grown close to the market in Japan.

We were extremely excited to participate in the opening ceremony this week in Japan, representing AquaMaof, in one of the most advanced projects worldwide, and I’m sure that the whole RAS industry is watching our progress closely.

Proximar project can definitely prove that the RAS technology is the future. And the future – is already here.

I’m proud to say that AquaMaof is one of the leading companies in the industry of RAS, thanks to, among other reasons, the ongoing experience we have gained in AquaMaof’s salmon RAS facility in Poland, which is also being used as an R&D center for improving our technology towards our clients’ updating needs.

AquaMaof is planning and building various successful projects around the world, but this Proximar project is one of the most modern and successful ones. And I’ve already mentioned that the whole RAS industry watches closely on this project.

This project can be and will be, a great success not only because of its high-end technology and the demands in Japan, but also because of its well-organized and professional team, led by Joachim. Joachim is the visionary, who recognized this opportunity in Japan many years ago, worked patiently, step by step, and went through many challenges along time, to make this dream come true.

Thank you Joachim for your leadership, professionalism and persistence, and thank you for believing in AquaMaof and sharing this project with us. This is a great honor for us. And thank you for the entire AquaMaof team who have worked hard in the last two years to make sure this project is not only on schedule, but a great success.


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